Best Refinance Car Loan Rates
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Best Refinance Car Loan Rates

Whether you’re looking to refinance a new or used car, you’ll find a variety of lenders advertising their best refinance car loan rates. Car refinancing is not an option for every vehicle, so you should consider the mileage and age of the vehicle you plan to refinance. Higher mileage vehicles come with higher interest rates. You should also consider the loan-to-value ratio, which is the amount of the vehicle’s value compared to the amount owed on the loan.


RefiJet offers the lowest car loan rates by renegotiating car loan rates for car buyers. Its application process is simple and fast. Customers can apply online and simply provide their personal information, including contact and birthdate information, to be used for a soft credit check. Then, they will receive an approval decision within minutes. RefiJet also accepts cosigners. The company also offers GAP insurance, extended service contracts, and refinancing.

RefiJet’s loan rates start at 2.49%, and vary depending on your credit score and vehicle type. However, if you have a low credit score, you may have a harder time qualifying for a lower rate. To ensure that you qualify, the website performs a soft credit check on you while you’re checking rates and a hard credit check when you submit your final application. You can also try Auto Credit Express, which specializes in car loans for subprime borrowers. Auto Credit Express does not have a minimum credit score requirement.

RefiJet works with a national network of financial institutions to help customers get the best car loan rates. They offer free quotes and prequalify borrowers without damaging their credit score. Plus, the site provides personalized service and waives the first two months of payments. This helps car owners get a lower monthly payment and free extra cash for savings.

RefiJet provides one-on-one assistance throughout the refinancing process. The company can also provide assistance with paperwork if needed. However, their large volume of customer complaints may indicate that it may be best to explore more options. RefiJet also offers lease buyouts and cash-out refinancing for motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and more.


Caribou is an online auto loan refinancing service that allows car owners to compare competitive loan offers. It requires no Social Security number and no credit check. Customers can complete the application process online and save over $100 per month on their car payments. This service is available in 45 states and partners with dozens of lenders.

Caribou will match the information you provide with a lender’s criteria to offer competitive pre-qualified loan offers. These offers will show you the total loan amount, new interest rate, term, and savings. It does not require your Social Security number and you can change the loan terms at any time.

Caribou allows you to review tailored pre-qualified offers in seconds. They do not ask for your social security number, which can prevent people from finding the best loan for their needs. Furthermore, the website also provides you with the option to compare different loan options and interest rates from multiple lenders. You should note that, while applying for a loan through Caribou, you cannot be guaranteed approval.

Once you have decided on your loan terms, Caribou offers convenient online applications that make it easy to apply for a loan. The application requires basic information about you, the vehicle, and the annual income. In some cases, you may also need to provide your Social Security number, as it is required for many loan applications.

You will have to pay a $399 processing fee for the loan application, and you will be required to re-title your car once the application is approved. However, this fee is much lower than many lenders’. The fees are usually less than two percent of the loan amount. And, Caribou does not charge any fees for early payoff.


ILending is an online marketplace that matches borrowers with the best car loan rates. Customers can search for and apply for car loans from a variety of lenders, including credit unions and banks. This website also works with customers with bad credit to find refinancing options. The company offers a free service for borrowers with poor credit, and its representatives are available to answer questions and provide advice on how to make a decision about their loan.

Auto loan rates vary widely based on your credit score and loan term, so it’s essential to shop around. You can save thousands of dollars over the course of your auto loan if you choose the right loan option. The best car loan rates will depend on many factors, including your credit score and your credit history.

iLending has an excellent reputation for customer service. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and more than 550 customer reviews. It offers a variety of loan options, including refinancing and new car loans. The company also offers competitive auto refinancing rates, making it an excellent option for consumers with lower credit.

The iLending auto refinancing application process is easy and fast. The approval process can take as little as 24 hours, and iLending funds the loan within seven to 14 days. There is no annual income requirement to apply for a refinance loan, and iLending does not charge late fees or interest rates.

Consumers Credit Union is a credit union based in Illinois that has expanded nationwide. Its auto loan rates are low, starting at 3.49% APR for members. However, the rates are only good for cars made in 2019 or newer. Older cars will require higher rates.


LightStream offers an online application process that is easy and convenient. The company provides an estimated interest rate and monthly payment for the loan. However, the actual rate depends on a borrower’s credit profile and financial situation. Generally, the lowest rates are offered to borrowers with good credit. Those with less-than-perfect credit typically receive higher rates and pay more interest over time.

If your credit score is high enough, you can get a lower rate and car payment with a refinanced loan. LightStream’s website offers several auto loan refinancing options. In addition to a variety of loan terms, you can choose to set up AutoPay for monthly payments. This option allows you to set your payments to be automatically deducted or debited from your account. Alternatively, you can choose to pay with an invoice instead, but be aware that this option will result in a slightly higher interest rate.

When deciding whether to choose LightStream for your car loan refinancing, make sure to check your credit score. Knowing your credit score will help you set expectations for the loan. Lower credit scores will require higher interest rates, so it is important to shop around before you commit. You can also choose a different lender for your refinancing if you find a better rate online.

LightStream’s minimum credit score is 660, and most qualified borrowers have a score higher than this. As a result, the lender will focus on borrowers with good or excellent credit. While a higher score means a lower interest rate, the lender will consider other factors such as a stable payment history and low credit utilization ratio.

Auto Approve

Auto Approve is one of the best places to go for car refinancing. They work with a network of lenders to provide affordable loans. They also offer cash out refinance options. These loans can help you pay off an expensive lease or a company car. You can also use an auto refinance loan to replace an older model or buy a new car. While you don’t need to have perfect credit to qualify for a loan through Auto Approve, they do require a minimum credit score of 580.

The lowest APR for an auto loan with Auto Approve is 2.25%. This company has a long track record of customer satisfaction, and it shows this through its Trustpilot reviews. Auto Approve also has a great reputation for considering borrowers with low credit scores.

The application process is simple, quick, and free. They work with a network of lenders and have experts on hand to help you find the best refinance car loan rates. Auto Approve also offers no application fees and no minimum payments. You can apply online, without any obligation, and in minutes.

If you are looking for a better refinance car loan, don’t forget to take out a cosigner loan with someone who has good credit. A friend or family member can help you obtain the best auto loan rates, but they must also be able to make the monthly payments. Missed payments can hurt both your credit scores.

Refinancing an auto loan is an excellent way to save money on interest rates. This option can significantly lower your monthly payments and help you to build your credit score. But you have to do research before choosing the right loan. It’s best to shop around and compare multiple offers to get the best refinance car loan rates.

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