Using QuickBooks Time to Track Shifts
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Using QuickBooks Time to Track Shifts

Work schedules can be added to any calendar app that supports iCalendar

You can add your work schedules to any calendar app that supports iCal. You can add an entire schedule or a specific schedule to your calendar app. You can also add a schedule to a specific calendar app using a URL.

This feature allows you to share your calendar with other people. If your employees use Google Calendar, you can simply share an iCalendar URL that shows their work schedule. Employees can then view the schedule on their personal calendar in any app that supports iCalendar.

Create email, text or Twitter notifications for when workers are closing in on their shifts

If you’re using QuickBooks Time to track shifts for your employees, you’ll need to set up notifications to send to workers when their shifts are closing in. QuickBooks Time can send notifications to iOS, Google and Outlook calendars. It also sends notifications to Twitter accounts, which can be useful for some teams.


Geofencing is a feature that can eliminate time spent on editing timesheets. It works by setting boundaries for the job site and enabling location services for your team members’ mobile devices. Then, when your team members enter and leave the job site, geofencing will send them notifications so they can clock in or out.

Using geofencing can help employees become more productive and stay safe on the job. It can also help employers protect their valuable data in high-security environments because it can prevent unauthorized access to devices or applications. Geofencing is also useful for employees because it takes the guesswork out of tracking time. Most employees feel more secure at work with geofencing, and most report having a positive experience.

Geofencing in QuickBooks Time can be a great way to keep track of where employees are working. With GPS tracking, you can restrict the areas employees can clock in and out. The app tracks your employees’ locations even when there is no network service. This allows you to keep track of how long employees spend on each project and ensure accurate timecard hours. In addition, geofencing in QuickBooks Time can also help increase employee safety. By tracking employees’ locations, you can see which employees are closest to the work site.

Geofencing in Quick Books Time is easy to set up. You’ll need to add an address. It’s also possible to re-define the perimeter at anytime. The boundaries of geofencing can be set to 100 meters or a thousand-meter radius. Once you have set the boundary, geofencing will notify your team members via mobile devices. They’ll receive notifications on their phones when they enter or exit the geofence, and they can access them from the app.

Location tracking

To enable location tracking in QuickBooks Time, enable the Location Services feature. The app will then display location data as you are on the clock. When enabled, location tracking will be accurate and precise. To use location tracking, your employees must have the app enabled on their mobile phones. They should also enable the feature on their phone settings so that it works properly. You can turn off this feature if you don’t want to see the data.

Location tracking in QuickBooks Time works by pulling GPS points from the phone’s GPS. However, this data is not stored if the employee is on a break or clocked out. It can also be used for geofencing, but this does not save the location information. When you are using geofencing, you need to ensure that your employees are clocked in before geofencing is enabled.

If you have a remote team or a flexible schedule, location tracking in QuickBooks Time will make managing remote and mobile employees easier. It lets you know exactly who is working and when, while letting you schedule new jobs and track employee productivity. It also helps you build trust between team members. Try it for free today!

Location tracking in QuickBooks Time can be problematic for some users. The GPS location tracking feature can sometimes display inaccurate information. The app is designed for field workers, and it lets managers and employees create shifts and assign jobs. Employees can also sign in and out via their mobile phones. The location of workers is easy to check from the dashboard, and they can also log their time using the app.

Reporting capabilities

When you’re working with QuickBooks Time, you’ll find it easier to keep track of your time. This time management software also features employee scheduling capabilities. You can create custom schedules with drag-and-drop features. This allows you to keep up with your employees’ schedules and let them know if theirs has changed. QuickBooks Time also includes an audit log so that you can see exactly who made changes to the time cards.

QuickBooks Time provides reports that allow you to compare actual hours worked with budgeted hours. But busybusy also has real-time reporting capabilities, which you can access on your phone or tablet. The app’s maps also show where employees are, current projects, and equipment are located. Both systems seem to charge the same monthly fee.

In addition to these features, QuickBook Time includes a budget management strategy and payroll calculations. It also keeps track of time card edits and approvals. The reports you generate can help you set accurate budgets and attract new clients. The reports can also help you plan for future expenses. You can also review the time spent on each project and task.

QuickBooks Time is compatible with a wide range of software, including payroll and project management. It can also integrate with cloud-based file storage services. Popular integrations include Asana, Dropbox, Google Drive, Square, and Salesforce. This helps you keep track of every hour spent on a project.

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