New Features of QB Accountant
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New Features of QB Accountant

QuickBooks Accountant 2016 is a powerful accounting software that will help you keep track of your financial statements. Its latest features will help you write off bad debts, manage lists more efficiently, and find inconsistencies in your accounts. This program is best suited for accountants. It will help you avoid losing money due to mistakes.

Features of QuickBooks Accountant 2016

QuickBooks Accountant 2016 offers a wide range of features to manage your business. For instance, you can view your monthly data and your entire fiscal year in one window. You can also create customized financial reports easily and quickly. The program also has an automated feature to copy your entire ship-to address. It also lets you manage clients and their payments.

In addition to new features and improvements, QuickBooks 2016 also offers a variety of support options. You can contact the company’s help desk team through email, live chat, and a toll-free number. The program requires Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 to run. It also requires Microsoft Word 2007 or 2013 and Outlook 2013.

One of the most important features of QuickBooks Accountant 2016 is its increased financial reporting. It also comes with several enhancements, such as better bill tracking and more convenient data verification. The user interface has been revamped, which makes it easier to handle your business and bills. After using the software for a while, it becomes easier to navigate and understand.

This new version of QuickBooks includes a number of useful features that make it an ideal accounting tool. Among these are the ability to delete transactions in bulk, filter transactions, and see all transactions linked to a given transaction. QuickBooks 2016 also has improved data updating, data verification, and rebuilding features. Moreover, there are more custom fields in the new version. Furthermore, you can now use single roll continuous labels, a feature that was previously only available in the page-oriented version.


If you’re an accountant and you want the best program available for your small business, you can download QB accountant 2016. This software has many great features that will help you manage your business in a more efficient way. Some of these new features will help you write off bad debts, keep your lists more organized, and find inconsistencies in your accounts.

This error occurs when the database server can’t respond. This could be due to a number of reasons, including a malfunctioning firewall or hosting issues. Regardless of the cause, the error indicates that the application isn’t responding to critical application users. Users will see one of 50 numeric error codes when this error occurs.


Preferences are important to the smooth working of QuickBooks. They determine how the program will treat various types of transactions. These types of transactions include bills, checks, credit card charges, invoices, sales receipts, and payroll liabilities. They can also determine how the program will handle the details on bills. In addition, they help the user better track bills. This software is useful for both small and mid-sized businesses.

If you are using Outlook, you can either use your current profile or create a new one. In either case, you will need to enter your username and password and the type of server for incoming and outgoing emails. Once you’ve entered these details, you can proceed to configure your email. In some hosted environments, you may have to enter a webmail account password, which you can do by contacting your ISP.


If you are receiving errors such as “the company file is already open” on your QuickBooks 2016 computer, you might have several causes. The first is that you may have multiple services running in the background on your PC. The other is that some third-party programs may be interrupting the background processes in QuickBooks. If you encounter this error, you need to close these processes or use Task Manager to stop them. If this does not solve your problem, you can try to update your QuickBooks software or disable hosting.

Another reason why you may see these errors on your QuickBooks computer is because your firewall settings are interfering with the program. You need to log in as a Windows administrator in order to fix this problem. Intuit provides several solutions to help you resolve the error. The main type of troubleshooting is by using log files.

QuickBooks error 1328 is a common problem that can occur while uninstalling, installing, or repairing the program. It may also be caused by corrupt QB files, a firewall, or misconfigured multi-user company files. If you encounter this error, it means that the program is unable to send critical information to the database. This error will appear on your computer’s screen as one of the 50 numeric error codes.

Another way to fix the problem is to use the Rebuild Data Tool. This tool will fix corrupted data in your QuickBooks program. To do this, open the file menu and click on “Utilities”. Next, click on “Rebuild Data” and follow the onscreen instructions.


If you are an accountant and you need to keep track of your accounting data, then you should choose Quickbooks Accountant 2016. It is an advanced software that allows you to write off bad debts, manage lists better, and find account inconsistencies. In addition to its features, it also allows you to manage your accounts more efficiently.

Costs of updating to QuickBooks Pro 2018

If you are currently using QuickBooks Pro 2017, you need to update to the new version immediately to receive all the benefits of the new version. After May 31, 2021, the software will no longer receive important security updates and add-on services. These features are vital to many small business owners. You will also lose some features, such as the ability to switch between company files or assign specific currencies to accounts and profiles.

The upgrade process usually takes less than an hour and will depend on the size of your company file. If you are updating from the desktop version, you will need a 4X DVD-ROM drive and a computer with Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit). After the upgrade is complete, you will be prompted to activate your new version of QuickBooks.

The new version also comes with a variety of useful features. One major benefit is that it will track the expiration date of each vendor’s workers’ compensation certificate. You will no longer have to manually check if the certificate is valid. Other improvements include a new, easier-to-navigate user interface, and a simpler start-up wizard.

In addition to the cost of the new version, you will also need a new license. Thankfully, Intuit has made the process much easier than it was previously. If you’re using QuickBooks Pro, you’ll need to update your data. To do this, you’ll need to use the Rebuild Data and Verify tool. This tool can be found in the File menu.

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