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Desktop Pro Plus Review

Desktop Pro Plus can be used by small business owners as a bookkeeping software that makes it easy to pay employees and organize finances. It also helps you manage expenses and provides reliable reports for tax time. It is easy to use and requires no accounting expertise to get started. It also allows you to import data from a spreadsheet.

Easily import bank and credit card transactions

If you’re a busy professional, importing bank and credit card transactions into QuickBooks may seem like a daunting task. The process involves entering a variety of information, including date, account, description, and notification, so this is not a job for an inexperienced user. Luckily, you can get this information from data extraction software, which will convert bank statements into an Excel spreadsheet that you can import into QuickBooks.

First, you’ll need to select which type of transaction you want to import. You can choose to import checks, deposits, credit card charges, bills, invoices, or credit memos. If you have a web connection, you can import a WebConnect file from your bank. Then, open it in QuickBooks and manage the transactions in the banking center.

Using the bank feeds feature of QuickBooks, you can import bank and credit card transactions from your bank. This feature helps you streamline your business operations by making the process of processing credit card transactions easier and more efficient. Once you’ve set up the bank feeds account, the transactions will appear as a file on your desktop.

Easy to create batch invoices

With Desktop Pro Plus, you can create and send invoices in bulk. This feature helps you create and send multiple invoices for a customer in a short amount of time. You can create invoices for all customers at once, as well as rename or delete existing invoices. The program also includes smart reporting and insights to help you benchmark your company against others.

The batch invoices feature is particularly useful if you need to invoice several customers at once. You can also track international sales in different currencies. Desktop Pro Plus also allows you to create a budget, which lets you compare actual income to the planned expenses. This feature can help you determine which invoices are the most profitable.

To create a new invoice, go to your sales order form and select the option to create a single invoice or multiple invoices for different customers. Select the items that you want to invoice from the dropdown menu. Then, click the “New Invoice” button to start the process.

Once you have selected an invoice template, you can customize it with the customer’s details. You can also enter the billing address and payment terms. If you wish, you can manually change the invoice date. By default, the invoice date is set to the current date. You can also change it manually by clicking the “date due” button. The invoice template also determines the custom fields you can add. You can switch to another template by clicking the “customize” link at the bottom of the screen.

Ability to track international sales and expenses in multiple currencies

If your business is selling in more than one currency, you should have a good back-end system and good accounting software to track sales and expenses. A little time and effort invested upfront can pay off in the long run, as it will allow you to enter new markets and win new customers.

Multi-currency accounting software can perform bank transfers between accounts, calculate exchange rates and allow for automatic conversions. This makes accounting easier and transparent. Plus, you can easily track your unrealized foreign exchange gains or losses. Choosing the right software will allow you to make more informed decisions based on the current exchange rate.

Multi-currency software automates time-consuming and error-prone accounting processes. Automatic currency conversions minimize user error, while real-time exchange rate trackers let you see the current status of gains and losses. Multi-currency software also allows you to create reports in any currency. Using multi-currency software will also simplify bank reconciliation.

Multi-currency systems keep track of currency conversion rates, applicable effective dates, and details of the actual transaction. They also generate multi-currency statements that serve as a reference for reporting business activity. Since different currencies are represented differently in accounting systems, currency conversion rates vary across countries. Additionally, currencies have different date and time formatting, so multi-currency software must be flexible enough to handle these differences.

Faster than Premier Plus

There are several key differences between Desktop Pro Plus and Premier Plus. Desktop Pro Plus is faster, has more features, and is more customizable than Premier Plus. Premier Plus also includes a number of more features, such as unlimited customer support. Premier Plus also has advanced reporting tools that allow you to monitor the progress of forecasts. In addition, Premier Plus supports up to five users while Desktop Pro Plus supports up to three users. This limits the number of users in Desktop Pro Plus to a smaller number than its cloud-based competitors. Other cloud-based programs, however, allow unlimited user accounts.

Among the differences between Premier and Desktop Pro Plus, Forecasting features are particularly useful for businesses. Forecasting reports can help businesses make better marketing decisions and help them focus on sales. With QuickBooks Premier, you can easily generate forecast reports in either dollar or percentage format and then track how well the estimates are doing.

QuickBooks Premier also offers more features for small businesses. Its advanced features include the ability to create profit and loss analysis, balance sheets, and expense reporting. Besides that, QuickBooks Premier allows you to track profitability by project, client, or product. Moreover, it lets you create customized invoices. It also lets you set different billing rates for each client.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus is faster than QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus, but if you need more features and are a large business, you may want to upgrade to Premier Plus. Its advanced features and industry-specific features make it ideal for mid-size organizations with specialized accounting needs.


Desktop Pro Plus is a business management program that can streamline your financial accounting. It includes features such as batch invoices, which can invoice multiple customers at once. It also allows you to track international sales and manage currency conversions. Moreover, it can be used to generate budgets, which allow you to compare your actual income and expenses with your budget.

The cost of QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus depends on the features you want to use and the number of users you need. It is also important to keep in mind that you will have to pay extra for adding QuickBooks Payroll. The add-on costs $200 per user and can be added to any of the plans. There are two types of plans: the Desktop Pro Plus and the Desktop Premier Plus. The former offers a single-user plan, while the latter provides up to five users.

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