QuickBooks Accountant 2014 - New Features For CPAs
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QuickBooks Accountant 2014 – New Features For CPAs

QuickBooks Accountant 2014 brings many new features for CPAs, accounting professionals, and small business owners. These new features include customizable account colors, industry-specific customization, advanced job-costing, payroll enhancement, and assembly setup. It also offers new tools for deleting invoices that bounce checks. Many of these new features were based on feedback received from thousands of clients, including CPAs.

Intuit discontinues support for QuickBooks Desktop

As of May 31st, Intuit is discontinuing support for QuickBooks Desktop 2018. This applies to both the Mac and PC versions. Users of this version of the program will no longer be able to get access to Live Support, Desktop Payroll Services, or Online Backup. Moreover, they won’t receive any security updates. This makes them a vulnerable target for hackers.

This move comes in the wake of recent complaints about accounting software vendors’ lack of transparency, communication, and support. The move by Intuit to discontinue support for QuickBooks desktop is yet another blow to UK customers. It is not clear why the company made this decision, but it could be linked to the changing nature of digital accounting. Although this move may have been a necessary one, many business owners are now looking for alternatives.

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software, and many businesses depend on it to run their financials. However, Intuit is phasing out support for older versions of QuickBooks Desktop by May 31, 2023. If you are still using an old version of QuickBooks, you can upgrade to a new version through Peak Advisers.

QuickBooks releases a new desktop version every year. This policy is consistent across all versions and is implemented in a phased manner. As of May 31, the 2017 version will no longer receive critical security updates and technical support. This means that it will no longer be compatible with other Intuit services.

Although Intuit discontinues support for its QuickBooks Desktop software, it does offer other products. The company aims to keep its products running smoothly, allowing customers to upgrade to a new version. The company also provides high-quality customer service and tech support. As a result, users should not wait too long before updating their software.

QuickBooks Payroll Services are no longer available in QuickBooks Desktop. Other features, such as Accountant’s Copy File Transfer and Online Backup, will not work. QuickBooks Workforce will no longer be compatible with QuickBooks payroll. QuickBooks Payroll will no longer support payments for Worker’s Comp. Moreover, the ViewMyPaycheck app will no longer work for processing credit card and check transactions. Additionally, QuickBooks Merchant Service Deposit and eInvoice mailing will no longer work. Lastly, the Live Technical Support for QuickBooks will no longer be available.

New features in QuickBooks Accountant 2014

QuickBooks Accountant 2014 has a number of new features for accountants. It has improved its user interface and “rules” feature. It also has an expanded workspace, as well as more color options. The new features make the accounting software easier to manage. This is good news for CPAs, who have been eagerly awaiting the new features.

The new features include an easier way to enter invoices and create invoices. For example, invoices are now more customizable, allowing users to create multiple invoices in one process. In addition, void checks are accounted for with offsetting journal entries. Another new feature is the ability to automatically put quantities into purchase orders. Additionally, you can now print picking lists and packing lists and view backordered items.

QuickBooks also improved its email capabilities. With the new Collections Center, users can manage all overdue invoices in one place. The software also allows you to store notes from customers. It can also send emails with attachments. The Receiving Payments window also has an option for emailing payment receipts.

Other new features include improved compatibility with Apple’s latest Silicon processor Macs and legacy Intel processor-based PCs. You can also create rule-based customer groups and send emails to multiple recipients. You can also export transaction details to Excel. In addition, you can hide or collapse columns in reports, and see simple totals.

Another new feature is improved Excel integration. With this new feature, you can now refresh data from your excel spreadsheet in QuickBooks. Furthermore, certain kinds of manipulations you make in Excel are preserved in QuickBooks. These include formulas and formatting. The software also retains new columns you’ve added. Once you’re done updating your accounts, you can convert your company data file back to PC format and save it.

QuickBooks Accountant 2014 provides advanced accounting and payroll features for small businesses. These features can streamline routine paperwork and accounting tasks. They also give you access to your key information and tasks. For example, you can quickly access the Time Tracker feature, and customize your forms to match other customer-facing printed materials. You can also use the new TO DO feature to assign a date and time to any transaction you wish to record.

New options in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

If you need advanced job costing and project management features, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Contractor Edition is the perfect solution. It also includes Intuit Field Service Management subscription, which can be handy for scheduling. It also has the Job Costing Center, which displays the three most profitable jobs, actual costs, expenses not assigned, and outstanding bill totals.

Another new feature in QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0 is the ability to create users and roles with restricted access to certain records. For example, an admin can create users with record level permissions and assign them to specific users. This feature is also helpful when defining permissions for vendors and customer groups. These new features can help you customize QuickBooks Enterprise for your business needs.

The Enterprise version offers advanced user account security tools that help you assign permissions to users. It also offers additional security features, including remote access privileges. QuickBooks Enterprise isn’t free, but the benefits far outweigh the price. There’s no reason not to get it if you have the budget for it. You can try it for 60 days. If you don’t like it, you can even return it and get your money back.

The latest versions of QuickBooks Enterprise offer advanced options designed for small businesses. These advanced features include custom sales and profitability reports, inventory management, and multi-user management. The software also supports multiple billing methods. Users can also track time and expenses by category. In addition, this edition includes enhanced features for QuickBooks Enterprise subscribers with payment subscriptions.

QuickBooks has also made it easier to pay vendors for their goods and services. The software now allows users to send invoices via email and pay the bills using the online banking application. Users can also use the mobile app to upload documents for their transactions. QuickBooks also allows users to email bill payment stubs. The company logo and unique billing information can be customized for these invoices.

QuickBooks Enterprise also offers priority customer service and 200 customizable reports. The Enterprise version includes a remote access feature that allows users to access their data from anywhere. It also automates pricing and order fulfillment, manages payroll, and provides guaranteed accuracy for tax filing.

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