How to Get the Wonder Weapon in Call of Duty: Firebase Z
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How to Get the Wonder Weapon in Call of Duty: Firebase Z


The Wonder weapon in Firebase Z is a powerful weapon that can be used to split zombies in half. The weapon comes with 20 rounds and can be charged on a charger. It can be used to take down zombies, which you must do by counting the rounds and using a Pack-a-punch.

RAI K-84

To craft the RAI K-84 firebase Z wonder weapon, you need to head to the Weapons Lab. There you will find the blueprint and an upgrade mannequin for this weapon. After you have these two items, you will be able to begin crafting your Wonder Weapon.

This weapon comes with two different firing modes, and is capable of doing massive damage to enemies. It can also slow the enemies in its area of effect. You can get it from trial rewards and mystery boxes, and you can also build it for free. Read on to discover how to build the RAI K-84 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

First, you need a Firebase Z. This will allow you to equip the Rai-K-84. This new weapon is an assault rifle that resembles the Ray Gun pistol. This weapon is available in the Weapons Lab for purchase, but it can also be acquired through other means. If you’d like to get it through a different method, you can also try a side-egg that gives you a rare legendary weapon.

This weapon also comes with a second type of attachment, called a grenade launcher. It fires a red plasma-like projectile that kills zombies in its path. In addition to this, it heavily damages Manglers and Mimics. You should try to create a chain of zombies behind you with this weapon so that it will be easier to kill them. You will also get bonus experience from this weapon if you use it effectively.

The Rai-K 84 is an all-powerful weapon in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. It is powerful enough to carry you through the entire game. Just be sure to Pack-A-Punch it three times to unlock its full potential.

Megaton Zombies

Megatons are the elite class enemies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. They first appeared in the Zombies map Die Maschine and resurface in the game’s expansion, Outbreak. They are best defeated with shotguns or launchers. Megatons spawn in large numbers, and can be a challenge for players to take down. If you kill one of these zombies, you’ll receive a drop of a firebase z wonder weapon.

Megatons are yellow and very hard to defeat. You’ll need a keycard to find the secret weapon. To do so, you can visit the Weapons Lab, which is upstairs in a building with a computer. From there, use the Remote Control device to open a drawer. The remote control device is also found in the Facility building near spawn. The door is adorned with a pink rabbit and there’s a small, enclosed room.

Megaton will attack with his super ability if you lure him towards a tree, which will cause him to split into two Megaton Blasters. Afterward, you’ll receive a keycard that glows yellow. This will help you get a rare item.

Aside from Megaton zombies, Firebase Z will include a new boss zombie that looks similar to Megaton but is tougher to kill. It will also add traps and a new Wonder Weapon that will help you fight endless waves of zombies. Also, the new boss is called ‘The Omega’ and looks like Margwa crossed with a Nova Crawler.

There are three Wonder Weapons in Outbreak, and you can equip any of them. They are extremely powerful and are coveted among players. They can be acquired through trial rewards or randomly pulled from Mystery Boxes, and can change the game dramatically.

Mystery Boxes

Wonder Weapon mystery boxes are one of the most iconic features of the Firebase Z game mode. Those looking to get one can purchase them for 950 points or ten points during the fire sale. Each mystery box contains a brand new wonder weapon that you can use to defeat Zombies. One such weapon is the RAI K-84, which is unique to Firebase Z and is incredibly powerful.

To find this weapon, players will need to complete a series of quests. They must first kill mini-boss monsters and charge their power cells. This can be a tedious process, as it often requires the player to spend a long time trying to get all the parts and complete the quest. But if they are determined enough, they can earn the R.A.I. K-84 by completing a series of trials.

In addition to completing quests, players can also earn special rewards. One of these rewards is the Rai K-84, an incredibly powerful laser rifle that shoots pink energy bolts at enemy zombies. It’s also much easier to get than the previous Zombies iterations, and players can purchase it with in-game money. However, if they don’t have the money to buy the weapon, they can buy it from Mystery Boxes.

The RAI K-84 is an energy rifle that requires a blueprint. This blueprint can be found in the Weapons Lab on the Firebase Z map. Just left of the computer terminal, you’ll find it. Afterwards, players must find the component parts to complete the rifle.


Trials are simple challenges assigned by your computer in Firebase Z. You can complete them and gain rewards. The rewards that you receive must be legendary or higher. If you are aiming for the Legendary reward, you need to complete the Trials. But there are some ways that you can get the RAI K-84 without completing the Trials.

The RAI K-84 rifle is an incredibly powerful weapon that is rare. The weapon has two modes of firing. One mode disintegrates enemies while the other slows down people in the area of effect. There are three methods to get this weapon: through mystery boxes and trial rewards.

The Trial machine can be found in the first room that you reach after opening the underground bunker doors. The goal is to complete as many trials as you can until you reach the Legendary reward. You will receive a notification on your HUD when this happens. The reward is likely to be a Wonder Weapon, although you may also receive a perk, as well.

Trials for Firebase Z include an additional bonus. Once you reach 50 kills in particular areas, you will be able to upgrade the Monkey Bomb. This weapon will emit a red pulse every few seconds and play different music. It will also make zombies dance. The bonus to upgrading the Monkey Bomb is that it stays active. You can try it as many times as you want as long as there are Zombies on the map.

There are three different paths in Trials for Firebase Z. Each one leads to a different core reactor. Each path requires you to kill zombies near a reactor to power it up. You must also defend the reactor from damage in order to keep it running. The middle path is the most challenging, but it will also put you one step ahead in the Wonder Weapon process.

Easter egg

An Easter Egg in Firebase Z gives players the chance to get a Wonder Weapon for free. This new weapon costs $950 per spin, but you can get it for free if you do a certain Easter egg quest. This quest requires you to complete certain tasks in the Weapons Lab. The goal is to find the blueprint for the Wonder Weapon. When you find it, you must hold the use button to pick it up.

To find the Easter Egg, you must first complete the main quest of the game. It isn’t easy, so you may need a little help. If you are having trouble, you can always ask other players for help. You don’t have to be a high-level player to unlock this easter egg.

The Firebase Z Easter Egg will have a series of collectibles to be found. You may also need to solve a trap. You’ll probably have to complete several different boss battles, puzzles, and collectibles. As more information is revealed, we will continue to update the article to let you know exactly what the Easter Egg is!

During the game, there are two new friends that you can visit. One of them is Dr. Peck, and the other is Dr. Ravenov. Both will try to explain to you the steps to complete the quest. They both can be found in a separate office, in the Spawn. Alternatively, you can go to the Equipment Storage door and use the Teleporter to travel to Firebase Z.

There are a few ways to get the truth serum by using your ID badge. First, find a scientist that is missing. He needs an eye to complete the Weapons Lab’s retinal scan, so find him and interact with him. Once you find him, you’ll have to force him to give you the eye. Otherwise, a group of zombies will spawn on you.

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