Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate


A cheap Wildcard SSL certificate is a great option to secure your main domain, as well as any number of subdomains. A recent survey by SSL Labs showed that nearly half of all websites are vulnerable to insufficient security. This includes 813 sites that have insecure cipher suits and 2036 sites that have incomplete certificate chains. If you’re in the market for a new certificate for your website, you may want to check out the different types of security that these certificates provide.


If you are looking for a cheap SSL certificate for your subdomain, you should consider buying a Sectigo Wildcard SSL Certificate. These certificates are an affordable solution that will secure as many subdomains as you need. They are backed by Sectigo’s reputable brand and feature advanced encryption and credibility indicators. You can purchase them individually or as a part of one of the company’s popular SSL lines, including the Positive SSL and Essential SSL lines. These certificates are a great option for bloggers and small businesses who are on a budget, as they are available for all subdomains of a single domain.

The best part of a Sectigo SSL certificate is that it can secure unlimited domains and subdomains. This is especially important if you plan on building an enterprise site with multiple levels of subdomains. This type of SSL certificate is incredibly versatile, and is compatible with all of today’s popular browsers. Moreover, it’s a much cheaper alternative to a traditional certificate, which can cause headaches later on.

Another great thing about a Sectigo SSL certificate is that it comes with the trust seal, which is one of the most trusted visual trust indicators on the internet. This seal helps customers feel more confident about using your website. The certificate also protects the end user, offering coverage up to $10,000 in case of any losses incurred by them.

As the world’s largest Certificate Authority, Sectigo offers an affordable Wildcard SSL Certificate. It comes with awesome features and warranties, including unlimited reissues, 256-bit encryption, and a site seal. Moreover, it comes with a money-back guarantee and free expert support.

If you are looking for a cheap wildcard SSL certificate, Sectigo is the best option for you. This certificate offers ECC and SHA2 encryption, which both offer superior security and performance. It’s also compatible with most operating systems and browsers. You can use this certificate on your site, whether it’s on your domain or subdomains. You can even use it to secure your server’s connection behind a firewall.

Another cheap wildcard SSL certificate from Sectigo is the EssentialSSL Wildcard SSL, which offers unlimited server licensing and free reissues. With this certificate, you can secure unlimited subdomains and use it on as many devices as you like. It also supports RSA and ECC hash algorithms, so it’s suitable for securing a wide range of websites.


The Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate comes with a host of features. Its top-tier encryption security protects you from fraudulent website instances, and it offers the best browser compatibility. Although there are other Wildcard SSL Certificates with similar feature sets, the Thawte certificate is backed by a $500,000 warranty, which covers damages or loss to customers. It also features a DigiCert root certificate, which gives it superior domain coverage.

The Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate can secure an unlimited number of sub-domains, with protection up to 256-bit. It also provides full organisation validation. You can use it for web forms, FTP, mail servers, and gateways. This certificate is ideal for any business that wants to offer secure browsing to its users.

The Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate is a great option for a website owner looking to simplify their SSL management. It uses the same CSR for all subdomains under a domain name, saving you time and money. However, you must be patient to process the application for the certificate, which may take up to three business days. The company may also need to check your business license, or call back to verify your identity.

The Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate has a very high value-for-money factor. With this certificate, you’ll be able to secure all of your web sites and keep your visitors safe from malware attacks. This certificate is great for small businesses, hobby websites, and personal websites, and it comes with the Thawte Trust Seal.

This SSL certificate also offers the strongest encryption strength, with 256-bit encryption. Additionally, you’ll also get the Thawte Site Seal, which is the most trusted site seal in the industry. This seal enables you to check the details of an organization’s security and provides assurance of rock-solid security.

The Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate provides comprehensive authentication and domain name verification. The Thawte Security Seal is widely recognized and is installed in over 99% of browsers. Its trusted brand reputation provides you with the peace of mind your customers need when shopping online.


Purchasing a Comodo SSL certificate is an excellent choice if you are looking for a secure certificate for your website. The company offers a wide range of certificates, including Wildcard and PremiumSSL ones. These certificates offer a wide range of security benefits and are valid for many years. They also have a 24/7 support team to help you with any problems you may have.

Another benefit of a Comodo Wildcard certificate is that it comes with a $10,000 warranty. This warranty means that if you suffer from a breach, the Certificate Authority will pay for the data loss, unless you were to violate the terms of the warranty. Additionally, this certificate comes with a Comodo site seal, which is a trusted symbol for security. A Comodo Secure logo is also a common feature of Comodo Wildcard certificates, which gives visitors and customers the peace of mind that comes with being on a secure site.

While not the most expensive option, the Comodo Wildcard certificate is a great choice for smaller businesses. The price of this certificate is quite affordable and the encryption is strong. Furthermore, this certificate is ideal for organizations that want to secure multiple subdomains. It also helps reduce costs and simplify renewals.

The Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate also comes with a trusted site seal, secure HTTPS URLs, and the latest security indicators. All these factors are very useful in building trust with users and ensuring that any information they transmit is secure. Another great advantage of this SSL is that you do not need to generate CSRs for individual sub-domains, which means that you can install it once and forget about it.

Another benefit of the Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate is its ability to secure multiple sub-domains under the same FQDN. This allows you to use the same certificate for multiple domains, which is ideal for companies with multiple domain names on a single server. These SSL certificates are recognized by 99.9% of the Internet and offer 128-bit or 256-bit encryption.

This Comodo SSL Certificate comes with a free trial period, and it secures unlimited subdomains. It also supports domain validation. This SSL certificate does not require any paperwork and is an excellent choice for small businesses and start-up ecommerce websites.


GeoTrust is a leading Certificate Authority that offers affordable and reliable encryption services for business owners. They have more than 100,000 customers and a reputation for quality security. GeoTrust products are used by businesses large and small worldwide to encrypt sensitive data. With a GeoTrust Wildcard SSL Certificate, you can rest assured that your customers will always be safe when they use your website.

GeoTrust SSL certificates are known for their high encryption levels. They offer 2048-bit certificate encryption. They also feature 256-bit key encryption and a secure hash algorithm. In addition, you’ll benefit from impressive warranties. They’re affordable too, and you can usually find discounts on them on sites like SSL Dragon.

GeoTrust is a globally recognized provider of TLS/SSL certificates, serving more than a million customers in over 150 countries. They offer fast delivery and up to 256-bit SSL encryption for a low price. With GeoTrust, you can protect your website and boost customer trust. You can also get GeoTrust’s Site Seal as a bonus, securing your site with a trusted seal. These seals feature your company name, date and time, and your SSL Certificate.

For smaller businesses and blogs, GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard is a perfect option. This certificate is quick to install and comes with up to 5 domains out of the box. This inexpensive SSL certificate is great for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who need a secure website to protect their customers. These certificates are also backed by a $100,000 warranty and come with a GeoTrust Site seal.

GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard is another cheap option for businesses. This certificate provides 256-bit encryption and supports unlimited subdomains. You can order this certificate for up to 6 years, and it automatically renews. The best part of GeoTrust’s cheap wildcard SSL certificates is that it’s trusted and reliable.

A cheap Wildcard SSL certificate is one of the most affordable solutions to secure subdomains. It offers encryption up to 256-bit and 99-percent browser compatibility. It also comes with a money-back guarantee.

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