TaxWise Integration With Textellent

TaxWise Integration With Textellent


The TaxWise Support Site has a number of ways to help customers using its tax software. It offers a Knowledge Base with articles on navigation, billing, COA requests, and invoices. It also features guides under the program help tab. Examples of these guides include the Guide to Entering 1040 Tax Data.

TaxWise Online is a taxwise support site

The TaxWise Online mobile app is an excellent tool for clients to get estimated refunds and to start the 1040 interview process. The app automatically asks for information about the client so it can provide an accurate estimate for the return. It also includes a client portal and workflow management, as well as a client status view.

The interface is easy to navigate. You will see various sections for e-filing, reports, and various forms. There is even a ‘What If’ feature that will allow you to test out different tax scenarios. You can also save a scenario for future reference. It also provides a running total, which is always helpful when trying to make a decision about your tax liability.

One of the benefits of using the TaxWise Online platform is the fact that you can access all your files from anywhere. You can use the software on a desktop, laptop, or even a smartphone. The software also has a user guide and an onboarding guide that you can access from your account. The support center also offers live chat and phone support. TaxWise Online also offers extended support throughout tax season. This support is included in the cost of the software.

The TaxWise Online mobile app is an extension of the desktop version. If you are using the program on a mobile device, you can use the mobile version to set up the client account. You can also share the app with clients through Facebook or Twitter. It will then generate a custom link for prospects that you share with them. They will then be directed to a survey that extracts information about their income and expenses. The system will then automatically generate an estimated refund range based on their answers. Once you’re satisfied with the estimates, you can engage the prospect further.

The TaxWise Online software is a cloud-based tax compliance application that is suitable for small to midsize businesses. It helps prepare individual and business returns and processes federal and state forms for clients. It’s a powerful tool for professional tax preparers, as well as entry-level tax practitioners. It’s easy to use and has clear terminologies. It also includes line-by-line help and instructions in both English and Spanish.

It offers line-by-line help

To help users make better use of their software, the TaxWise support site has been expanded to offer comprehensive resources. Users can access tax-related articles and publications, including line-by-line help. The TaxWise online platform also includes integrations with several banks. This helps firms offer various refund options.

The TaxWise online interface is clean and easy to navigate. It includes a user dashboard, reports, various forms, and an interview option. Users can also access important functions using the menu bar and tabs. A running total is also displayed for ease of reference. The Getting Started widget allows users to access commonly used application functions, such as adding and deleting returns.

The support site is accessible online or via phone. It also has a video library with short instructional videos. Password-protected help guides are also available. In addition to this, TaxWise online users have access to product updates directly from their support page. Additionally, the company offers live chat support, telephone support, and extended help throughout tax season. All of this support is included with the purchase of the TaxWise online tax software.

It integrates with CCH iFirm

TaxWise is a tax software package designed to simplify the tax filing process for businesses. It includes a comprehensive set of online help tools, such as a searchable knowledgebase and a Support Video Library. You can also access user guides, download software updates, and perform functions such as creating and printing checks. Additionally, you can manage account information and access support through email.

To enable the integration, log in as an Admin. In the Utility window, navigate to Setup > Setup Assistant. On the Setup Assistant, click CCH iFirm. Enter your site URL and API key in the relevant fields. Then, click Connected.

The CCH iFirm Client Portal is now integrated with TaxWise Online, which enables you to centralize client information and share documents with your clients. It also replaces less secure methods of sharing files, such as e-mail.

Moreover, the software has an easy-to-use interface. Its shortcuts for frequently-used tasks and a list of unfinished tasks make it easy for you to navigate the application. The software also includes an option to customize the user interface. Its forms resemble the actual tax forms, including the schedules and other fields. Required fields are highlighted in red and auto-populate when necessary.

The TaxWise Online support site offers many different services, including refund settlement solutions. It also offers Spanish language support and provides over 60 Spanish-language forms and schedules. The support staff is bilingual. Its CrossLink software is aimed at high-volume retail tax preparation firms. The software comes in an online version and a desktop version.

It integrates with textellent

You can integrate your Textellent account with the Taxwise support site by visiting its Settings page. From here, you can choose what data you wish to send and receive. The TaxWise Online integration allows you to set default settings for different EFINs. When you click on the Data Sync tab, you’ll see a confirmation message. Click OK, and the program will start sending the data to Textellent. You can also view the status of the integration on the TaxWise Online page.

The TaxWise support site allows you to chat with a live representative on the phone or live online. It also provides tax preparation training and tutorials. Several video tutorials are available in the Solution Center. There are also FAQs and solutions to common problems, and live chat is available for quick support.

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