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How to Track a Phone Location

Whether you’re a parent wanting to keep an eye on your kids, or a partner wanting to know what your spouse is up to, or even if you just want to keep track of a stolen phone, there are several ways to track a phone location. However, there are a few things you need to know before you can begin to track a phone.


Whether you are looking for a way to keep your child safe from predators, or simply want to check up on an employee’s location, you can do so with Spyic. It is a very powerful phone tracker that can record incoming calls, SMS messages, and even social media chats.

Spyic also has a free live web demo. You can test out all of the features of the app without ever having to download or install it on your own device.

The best part about Spyic is that it runs in the background of your phone, so it does not take up much of your resources. In fact, it only uses a couple of MB of space on your phone.

Spyic also allows you to set up virtual boundaries for your target, which means you’ll be notified when they step outside those boundaries. You can even set up Geofencing, which means you can limit your target’s access to specific areas, such as a school or the grocery store.

Spyic’s Location Tracker can be set up to provide Geofencing alerts, which can be useful if your kid gets lost. It also gives you a live map of your target’s location. It also provides a timestamp for each location.

In addition, Spyic can also be used to monitor social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. It also gives you access to the camera of the target device. It can also monitor SMS messages and iMessages.


Using the location tracking feature of a phone can be a great safety measure. It helps parents monitor their children’s activities. In case they go to an inappropriate location, parents can immediately receive an alert.

One of the most reliable and affordable phone spy apps is Minspy. With a user-friendly interface, users can easily install and use the application. Besides being easy to use, Minspy is also secure and offers regular updates. The app is available on various platforms, including Android and iPhone.

Minspy provides a dashboard for its users. This dashboard can be accessed from any web browser. It contains the latest location data of the target device. It also gives users the ability to set a boundary for the device. Once the target device leaves the boundary, the Minspy user will be notified.

The application is available in a free demo version, which allows users to check the features of the application. Unlike most spy apps, Minspy does not require installation or rooting of the target device. The app runs in the background.

With Minspy, you can view the past, current, and future location of the target device. You can also check the state of the device. You can view media files and call logs shared by the target device. It also has a geofence feature, which allows users to set a watch perimeter around a particular location.

Find My Device

Using Find My Device can be a life saver if your phone gets lost or stolen. This Android application allows you to locate your device, ring it, and wipe it remotely. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Find My Device’s newest iteration boasts a significant visual refresh. This includes an updated lock screen, a new app drawer, and a better-looking UI. You can also access the app from the home screen.

Find My Device has also updated its UI to make it easier to find the phone you’re looking for. A new feature includes an indoor map, allowing you to locate your device within a building. You can also locate your device by name. The most interesting feature, though, is that Find My can notify you when your device has been detected in a location you’ve never visited before.

You’ll also be able to see the IMEI number of your device. This can be a useful number to know if you’re trying to get your phone back, but it’s not a reliable way to track your phone.

The Android app also displays the location of your device on a map. You can also see the last time you used your device. The app also allows you to lock your device and erase its data. If you’re worried about your device getting stolen, you can use this app to lock it remotely.


Using a phone number tracking app can be a very useful tool in cases where you need to keep tabs on someone’s location. These apps provide you with a number of additional features that make it easier to keep track of your target’s whereabouts. Using a tracking app can be a useful way to determine where a person is, especially if the person is not answering calls.

There are many phone tracking apps to choose from. However, one of the most accurate tools available is Google Maps. Using this tool, you can determine where a person is, and it’s fast and easy to use.

The Spokeo site, in particular, is also a great way to determine the approximate location of a phone number owner. This can be useful when trying to locate family members or friends.

In addition to providing you with a map of the US, Spokeo will show you the name and address of the phone number owner. It will also show you their photo, their age and state, and if they have a landline or a cell phone. If you want to see more information, you can buy a report from Spokeo.

Another cool feature of Spokeo is its search bar on the home page. You can type in any 10-digit phone number, and the software will show you the name, address and more. This is a good way to identify spam calls, and can be used in a number of other ways.

Trace Mobile Number

Whether you want to track your spouse or find out where a friend is, you can use mobile technology to pinpoint their exact location. Using your phone’s GPS or the phone’s built-in caller ID, you can get the current location of a phone call. You can also find the name and address of the caller.

If you’re looking for a solution that’s easy to use, try Spyine. This app installs in minutes, and sends tracking data to a web dashboard. You can access the dashboard from your phone or PC. The web dashboard shows you the location of any phone number in real time.

Mobilespy, on the other hand, is a more advanced solution. It installs software on the target device, and it also includes Wi-Fi tracker. The service costs $19 per month for a single month plan, or $16 per month for a 6-month plan. The service also includes GPS tracking, and it provides detailed information about Wi-Fi networks in your area.

The Phone Number Locator app is another good option for tracking a phone. The app allows you to find the location of a cell phone in over 100 countries. It also provides information about the codes used in different countries.

You can also track a phone’s location through its IMEI number. IMEI numbers are unique to each phone, and carriers use them to identify the phone. You can find the number when you first purchase the phone, or by contacting the carrier. Some carriers can blacklist the IMEI number if the phone has been lost or stolen.


Using Eyezy to track a phone location is a great way to keep your kids safe. It is easy to install and it is available for both iOS and Android platforms. You can get a free trial, which is helpful. There is also a 14-day refund period.

Eyezy has a clean interface. It allows you to track locations and monitor social media activities. It also has a special feature called “Pinpoint” which can locate a child’s location on a map.

It also features Magic Alerts, which notify parents when their children use specific words in a web search or chat. It also allows you to set safe zones for your kids.

Eyezy can also help you monitor deleted messages, conversations with trusted individuals and call log history. You can even set the app to notify you when your child uses a specific word or phrase in the text messages.

It also has a feature called “Secret Mode”, which lets you keep eyeZy running in the background without alerting anyone. This feature is especially useful if you have a child who regularly visits the same location. You can also set eyeZy to notify you when your child enters or leaves a safe zone.

Using Eyezy to track a phone is a great way to keep your kids and loved ones safe. It is easy to install and it allows you to track locations and monitor social media activity. It also has a special feature called ‘Pinpoint’ which can locate a child’s location.

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